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Turn her into a Wrestling Fan

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Turn Her Into A Wrestling Fan

- - - What is it going to take to make your girlfriend yell "Wooo!"? WWE Divas, female fans and relationship experts reveal their treasured secrets!

Your girlfriend has seen you naked and yet she's still hanging around. It's a good sign. It means she's not repulsed easily. But will she be able to deal with the hard-hitting action on WWE RAW, WWE SmackDown!, and IMPACT Wrestling, every week? To answer that question we went right to the source: women. From a relationship expert and female fans to (former WWE Diva and Current IMPACT Wrestling Knockout), Victoria (aka "Tara" to current IMPACT Wrestling fans) herself, we've compiled the best advice on the subject. Pay attention!

You Have the Right to Watch
You've finally landed a lady friend. Congrats! We're guessing she's gonna reserve Friday nights for romantic outings, so you might want to DVR WWE SmackDown!. Lucky for you, there's still WWE action on Monday night. "When you become a couple, you shouldn't have to give up anything that you like," says Dr. Susan Campbell, relationship expert and author of Saying What's Real: Seven Keys to Authentic Communication and Relationship Success. "Sharing activities with each other isn't so much about the activity, it's about being together." Tara agrees: "If you're a new girlfriend, you should want to experience what your new boyfriend is into." So while you may want to hide things like bad credit or insane ex-girlfriends, feel free to celebrate your love of sports-entertainment.

Make a Proper Introduction to The World of Wrestling
Sooner or later, she's going to introduce you to her friends and—gasp—parents. As you probably know, first impressions are key to a relationship's future. Equally important is her first impression of sports-entertainment. "Introduce the whole thing gently," Campbell says. "Tell her you want to share an important part of your life with her because you enjoy her company. Let her know that watching WWE is important to you and then ask her how she feels about that." Way to go, bro! You just opened what's called a channel of communication.

Compromise. Compromise. Compromise.
John Cena notwithstanding, there's a strong chance that your girlfriend is not going to become a wrestling fanatic straight off. Don't let that hinder your efforts. She may just need some added incentives to tune in. "It's important to have quid pro quos in a relationship, especially if the relationship is going to last," Campbell says. "So you need to brainstorm. ‘What are some of the things that you'd like me to do in exchange for you watching WWE?' " Don't think of it as bribery; after all, you're both benefiting from the deal. Give her a range of options. Taking her shopping might be cost-prohibitive, so Campbell suggests romantic interactions, like handholding during shows. Hell, a foot-massage should seal the deal. Worst case scenario: Two hours of WWE RAW may cost you a Desperate Housewives and a sappy Lifetime special movie. Hey, we didn't say this would be easy.

Mark Your Calendar Early and Often
"Don't spring your viewing schedule on her at the last minute. This way she won't be surprised by your plans," Campbell says. "Give her a schedule so she has the option to make other plans." Just make sure she knows that you want her to be part of your evenings (every Monday, Friday and, occasionally, Sunday night). Also, investigate when the next live event is in town. That information will play an important role much later on in the process. By the way, now is a good time to tell her that WWE has inspired you to hit the gym more often. Don't worry: Inspiration is just talk.

Dim the Lights and Tune In!
So, it's 9 o'clock on a Monday night, and you've finally lured her to the couch. Showtime! RAW is live, so prepare her for the unexpected. "Let her know that there's drama going on all the time," says Jade Ingardona, 23, a self-described female Superfan from Chicago. "The plot impresses every girl that I've convinced to sit down and watch. I think girls are very interested in the drama behind it." Is she always updating you on the latest comings-and-goings of the Real Housewives of Orange County? Explain the drama happening on RAW using the plots of her favorite shows as points of reference. According to WWE fan Debbie Pritchett, 21, of Henderson, New York, "Ladies love the high-flyers. I think the daring moves appeal to women. Even if there's a new Superstar that I'm not familiar with, I'm able to watch and enjoy them."

Deal with the Divas Dilemma
A few basic tips: Don't drool when the WWE Divas appear on screen. Keep your eyes in your skull at all times. Refrain from whistling at the TV. Your appreciation of the Divas could make her uncomfortable, so some damage control may be in order. "We're kick-ass girls who can walk the walk and talk the talk," Victoria says. "We may be sexy--esque with our outfits, but I think that's the image we want to portray—hot girls that are independent and hold their own as freaking wrestlers." So, let her know, in no uncertain terms, that you do NOT watch WWE to gawk at the Divas. Heck, that's what the Internet is for. "My approach would be to get some older DVDs," says fan Ashlee Schenke, 21, of Granite City, Illinois. "There were some great matches with Lita and The Hardys doing inter-gender tags. Really introduce a girlfriend to the Divas that can grapple, like Melina and Trish Stratus."

Deal With the Dudes Dilemma
In the same way that you gaze at the Divas, don't be surprised if she lustily eyes Superstars. "I'm sure the guys are breathing harder when the Divas come out, so this is payback, baby," says Victoria. Don't freak out. "Get used to it! Men and women like to look at nicely shaped bodies," Dr. Campbell says. "If you're jealous, say you're jealous. A little jealousy never killed anybody." Besides, if ogling at The Champ gets her to watch, you're well on your way to creating a wrestling fan.

The Big Date…At a Live Event!
Remember a few steps back, when we told you to keep an eye out for upcoming live events? Well, now is the time to take your special lady on a big date. But make sure the show is merely the culmination of a night out on the town. Begin the evening with tables and a nice restaurant. Then it's off to the big event. "I'm a girly girl, and my friends are all shocked that I love wrestling. I didn't even want to watch it on TV," says fan Tina Marie Harmon, 30, of Fort Drum, NY. "But I went to see my first live event, and it was just so awesome. It's nothing like television. My voice went hoarse from yelling Batista's name." If the show is televised, be sure to record it. Pick a moment during a match and plant one on your lady. When you return home to watch the show, pause that same moment and re-enact the smooch. If you're lucky, you'll get your own private bra and panties match.

Good Luck! ;-)

Written by Alice Levitt, Photography by Chris Stein - Article was originally published in WWE Magazine